Where there are people, there will be problems, but there will also be potential. We can help you address the problems and realise the potential.

Stress and burnout · Bullying and harassment · Workplace conflict · Poor teamwork · Aggression and violence · Low morale and poor performance · Workload management concerns · Sickness absence problems · Alcohol and drug misuse · Recruitment and retention problems · Grief and trauma at work · Mental health problems

Organisational success comes through people. This means that it is essential for organisations to get their people issues right. This includes recognising that, where there are people, there will be problems. Sadly many organisations simply hope that problems will go away of their own accord and, in doing so, they take significant risks: (i) the problems may get significantly worse; (ii) key staff may leave; (iii) low morale may undermine quality and quantity of work; and (iv) the reputation of the organisation and its managers and leaders may be significantly damaged.

But these ‘people problems’ are challenges that can be met by a clear, well-informed strategy based on making workplace well-being a reality. Promoting well-being can be demanding and challenging work. Avenue Consulting Ltd can play a significant role in helping to tackle difficulties encountered and to promote best practice. Our training, consultancy and survey services can be of value to a wide range of organisations across the private, public and voluntary sectors.

Our services are targeted at tackling problems and realising potential, thereby developing more productive and effective workplaces – promoting well-being for employees, with benefits for the individuals concerned and their families, for employing organisations and their stakeholders, and for society as a whole. Everyone benefits from this enlightened approach.

The team behind Avenue Consulting has a wealth of experience and qualifications in these important aspects of organisational and social life. This enables us to offer a range of helpful services – see the menu on the left-hand side.

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