Expecting human interactions to be totally harmonious and non-conflictual is, of course, totally unrealistic. Conflicts, ranging from minor and harmless to major and catastrophic are an inevitable part of life, both in the workplace and beyond it. Unfortunately, though, many organisations pay no attention to conflict issues and simply hope that they will go away. This is a high-risk strategy, as unresolved conflicts can be extremely problematic in terms of working relationships, productivity, quality of work, teamwork, creativity and innovation, learning and development, sickness absence and, potentially, aggression and violence. Investing in conflict management services is therefore a wise choice.

We are able to offer:

  • Formal mediation services Ideal for resolving one-to-one or small group conflicts. The process takes half a day or a full day (depending on the complexity of the issues involved) and is geared towards producing a binding written agreement for the employees involved. Given the high cost of recruiting staff, if it prevents one employee from leaving, the mediation fee will be more than recouped. It also gives a strong message to staff that you take conflict issues seriously and are committed to a positive and productive working environment.
  • Consultancy services We can offer an independent analysis of conflict issues in your organisation and help you to develop a clear strategy for addressing them. Identifying and tackling conflict issues can make a hugely positive difference to a workplace and can prevent the major problems that unresolved conflicts can bring.
  • Training services Online or face to face, we can train your staff and managers in how to manage conflict effectively and, where possible, to capitalise on the positive potential of conflict. For organisations where aggression and violence are a concern, we can also offer training on handling aggression.
  • Team building We have provided highly successful team building ‘awaydays’ for a variety of organisations. There is, of course, no such thing as a conflict-free team. The key question is how well the team manages its conflicts, prevents them from escalating and capitalises on the positive potential of conflict.

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