The Avenue Story

Avenue Consulting Ltd was established in 2000 to focus on well-being, particularly workplace well-being and social well-being. The name ‘Avenue’ was originally chosen to reflect the idea of ‘finding a way forward’, and that remains a key part of what the Avenue brand is all about. However, we soon realised that what was at the heart of what we do in Avenue is people. So, we came up with the affirmation that: ‘it’s all about people’.

The directors of Avenue Consulting, Dr Neil Thompson and Dr Sue Thompson, both have a strong background in the helping professions, and it was from this experience that the focus on well-being emerged. A central part of the Avenue philosophy is the idea that, where there are people, sooner or later there will be problems, but there will also be potential. We believe it is naive not to recognise this. Our approach to well-being, then, is not based on an idealistic pursuit of a problem-free existence, but, rather, on the more realistic recognition that efforts to promote well-being need to be rooted in recognising the range of problems we face and being prepared to address them. But we also recognise the importance of potential. Our work is therefore geared towards helping individuals and organisations to find solutions and to realise their potential.

For over 17 years now Avenue Consulting Ltd has been providing training and consultancy services to help organisations get their people issues right, so that they can get the best out of their staff and managers by promoting well-being and learning.

Avenue Consulting Ltd has been a very successful venture, but, given the specialist nature of what we do, there has been a limit to the number of organisations we can help. Also, in helping organisations, we have become aware of just how much individuals can benefit from the expert knowledge and guidance we are able to offer. In order to offer these benefits to a wider range of organisations and, indeed, directly to individuals in their own right, the decision was made to launch Avenue Media Solutions to offer a wide range of learning resources and other helpful products and services. It comprises three main elements:

  • The Avenue Learning Centre DVDs, e-learning courses, a subscription-based online learning based on self-directed learning collaborative learning programmes and the publishing of e-books are all part of what the Avenue Learning Centre offer.
  • The Avenue Survey Centre Independent online surveys to help organisations gauge how well they are doing in terms of people management and development in order to build on strengths and build up areas for development.
  • The Avenue Marketing Centre Based on the Avenue team’s expertise in effective communication, the Avenue Marketing Centre is able to offer affordable video marketing services, social media marketing and related services, plus a range of invaluable learning resources to help promote top-quality marketing practices.

Our aim is to continue to develop the resources we have on offer. We will be announcing new developments in our free e-zine, THE humansolutions BULLETIN. So, if you would like to be kept informed of new products and services and other developments, why not sign up for a free subscription to the ezine – just click here.